Hello! I'm Jade, an American girl who's been enchanted by the mesmerizing land of Transylvania since moving here in March 2020. At 38, I've discovered that traveling is more than just moving from one place to another; it's about savoring culinary wonders, uncovering hidden gems, and absorbing the rich history that whispers tales of yesteryears. Don't be surprised if you come across photos of me striking a yoga pose in front of a centuries-old castle or amidst the picturesque landscapes. Life in Transylvania isn't a solo journey for me. My two spirited sons, Olly and Eli, my husband Szilard, and our trio of playful rescue dogs - Bruno, Misi, and Andre - often join in on the adventures. While 'Traveling Transylvania' is my passion project, by day I immerse myself in the dynamic world of digital marketing, wielding my skills as an SEO specialist and content strategist. When I'm not wandering or weaving digital tales, you can find me lost in a book, flowing through a yoga sequence, enjoying playful times with my kiddos, or on a quest to discover the next best restaurant. Through my experiences and stories, I invite you to journey with me into the heart of Transylvania.

Peles Castle: A Jewel in Romania

Peles Castle during golden hour with a forest backdrop, taken with a drone.

Let me tell you, if you ever find yourself wandering through Romania and you skip Peles Castle, you’ve played yourself. Situated in the idyllic, picturesque town of Sinaia, Peles Castle isn’t just some old pile of bricks and mortar; it’s an architectural stunner and a significant chunk of Romania’s rich history. First off, its location: …

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Romanian Christmas Markets 2023: Your Ultimate Guide

Sibiu Christmas Market, the best Christmas market in Romania

Nestled in the heart of Eastern Europe, Romania unfurls a tapestry of traditions that come alive during the festive season. Each winter, its cities sparkle under thousands of fairy lights, beckoning visitors with the promise of warmth, joy, and delightful culinary adventures at their incredible Romanian Christmas Markets.  As someone who has lived in the …

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10 Day Transylvania Road Trip Itinerary – with Map

Road to Retezat National Park

Hey there, fellow wanderers! I’m Jade, an American who’s been calling Transylvania home since the chaos of March 2020. I landed in the land of Dracula and somehow never left, now having lived in three prominent Transylvanian destinations – Cluj-Napoca, Sighișoara, and Sibiu. If you’re looking to explore this region’s eclectic mix of medieval charm, …

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Visiting Transylvania in Winter

Horses taking a sleigh through a wintery Transylvanian landscape.

As an American who has called Transylvania home since March 2020, I’ve had the privilege of experiencing the magic of this enchanting region during every season. However, let me be the first to tell you that Transylvania in winter is a whole different kind of special. Imagine a place where the air is crisp and …

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Experience the Sighisoara Medieval Festival

Medieval flags flying in the center of Sighisoara, Romania.

Welcome to the Sighisoara Medieval Festival, a time-travel experience like no other. Held on the last weekend of July in the charming town of Sighisoara, in Mures County Romania, this festival catapults visitors into the heart of the Middle Ages. As someone who briefly lived in Sighisoara, I can assure you that this event (and …

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Skiing in Transylvania, Romania: All You Need to Know

Skiing in Transylvania in the Ciucas Mountains

Transylvania – a name mostly associated with legends of the famous Count Dracula, cobblestone streets, ancient castles, and mythical creatures lurking in the shadows. Who knew it would emerge as a beacon, a hidden gem for skiers and snowboarders across the globe? It’s a place where the sublime peaks are rivaled only by the richness …

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Romanian Vegetarian Food: A Guide to Plant-Based Eating in RO

Jar of zacusca, alongside slices of bread, with one slice of bread topped with the orange zacusca.

Hey there, fellow food explorers! Ever thought of venturing into the rich culinary world of Romania? No, I’m not talking about Dracula’s diet—far from it. Romania has so much more to offer, especially if you’re a vegetarian or just interested in plant-based eating. Yes, you heard that right: Romanian vegetarian food is not an oxymoron! …

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A Visit to Prejmer: One of Romania’s Famed Historic Villages

Prejmer village and fortified church at sunset from an aerial shot.

You know, before I set foot in Romania, I thought Transylvania was all about Dracula, spooky castles, and maybe the occasional garlic clove to ward off those pesky vampires. But lo and behold, tucked away in the picturesque landscapes of Transylvania, I stumbled upon a beautiful village that stole my heart: Prejmer. Now, Prejmer might …

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Unwrapping Romanian Christmas Traditions

Brasov during Christmas

Hello from Transylvania! In the three years I’ve settled amidst the hauntingly beautiful landscapes of this region, transitioning from the colorful streets of Sibiu, to the medieval charm of Sighișoara, and back to the bustling vibe of Cluj-Napoca, I’ve experienced a whirlwind of culture, traditions, and yes, culinary adventures! (Sarmale, I’m looking at you.) But …

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