Best Bars & Restaurants in Cluj-Napoca

Dark and moody bar with line of backless bar stools in Cluj-Napoca.

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Cluj-Napoca, a jewel of Transylvania, is renowned not only for its rich history but also for its burgeoning culinary scene. As you navigate through its picturesque streets, you’ll quickly realize that the restaurants in Cluj-Napoca offer a delectable blend of traditional flavors and modern innovations. Join us as we take a gastronomic tour of some of the city’s most celebrated eateries.

Best Restaurants in Cluj-Napoca

Bodega del Taco $

Three soft tacos on blue corn tortillas with limes in the center.

Nestled in the heart of Cluj-Napoca, Bodega del Taco stands out as the go-to spot for genuine tortillas, making it the ultimate taco destination in town. Despite its 2022 debut, I’ve quickly been drawn to its authentic charm. Freshly crafted tortillas, on-the-spot preparation of meats and toppings, and the allure of Mexican sodas make the visit worthwhile.

Given its cozy size, larger groups might prefer to grab their tacos to-go and enjoy them at the nearby Piata Mihai Viteazul. It’s one of the top two best Mexican restaurants in Cluj-Napoca.

Address: Strada Ploiești 12, Cluj-Napoca

Raio Pizza $

Cheesy pizza with artichokes and olives in Cluj-Napoca.

For anyone with a discerning taste for pizza, Raio stands out as the crown jewel in Cluj-Napoca. As an American, my expectations for pizza, especially when it comes to the crust’s thickness and texture, are quite specific. Regrettably, a good number of pizzerias in Cluj fall short of that benchmark, leaving me yearning for the familiar tastes of home. Raio, with its impeccable consistency and quality, comes the closest to meeting those standards – Pizza Hut being another exception.

What sets Raio apart is its ability to get the basics right, every single time. One of the recurring issues I’ve encountered with many Clujean pizzerias is the inconsistency in their dough. Be it soggy patches beneath generous toppings or the occasional undercooked spots, the crust often ends up being a letdown. But at Raio, such issues are unheard of. Their pizzas are consistently delightful, boasting a perfect crust that hits all the right notes in terms of texture and flavor. If you’re in the city and hankering for a pizza that resonates with the American palate, Raio should unquestionably be your first stop.

Address: Strada Lunii 8, Cluj-Napoca

Pablito $

Burrito bowl on colorful table cloth with limes in Cluj-Napoca.

Before Bodega del Taco graced Cluj-Napoca, Pablito was my favorite haunt for delectable Mexican flavors. I still frequent Pablito, especially when I’m in the mood for their mouthwatering burritos or burrito bowls. But the true standout? Their fiery hot sauce.

Finding such intense spice in Romania is rare, so imagine my delight upon tasting a Pablito burrito that set my taste buds aflame – a sensation so memorable, it gave Szilard quite the fiery morning too.

Beyond the heat, Pablito boasts an array of rich toppings, with burrito bowls brimming with fresh, vibrant veggies. Their avocados, consistently ripe and creamy, defy the typical hard ones found elsewhere in Romania. If you’re in a dilemma over portion sizes, opt for a mini burrito. Or better yet, sample two distinct flavors with their affordable mini options priced at just 17 lei ($3.75 USD) each.

Address: Strada Ploiești 26, Cluj-Napoca

Roata Faget $$

Traditional Romanian food in Cluj-Napoca.

Nestled a little away from the bustling restaurants of Cluj-Napoca’s city center, Roata Faget stands out as a prime destination for those yearning for authentic Romanian cuisine. Its slightly remote location makes it a more suitable choice for those with personal transportation, ensuring a serene dining experience away from the urban din.

While they offer a comprehensive menu highlighting all the traditional Romanian favorites, I’ve always been particularly drawn to their ciolan and bean soup – a dish that never fails to evoke the comfort and flavors of home-cooked meals. However, it’s essential to note that patience is key when dining at Roata Faget. Their service, while friendly, can be unhurried, leaning towards the leisurely side. But if you ask many locals and enthusiasts of traditional fare, they’d agree that Roata Faget ranks as one of the top traditional restaurants in Cluj-Napoca. The authenticity of the food, combined with the rustic ambiance, more than makes up for the occasional wait.

Address: Drumul Sfântul Ioan, Cluj-Napoca

Casa Veche $$

Chalkboard sign on a Romanian restaurant with the daily specials, hung on a pale pink concrete building.

If you’re navigating restaurants in Cluj-Napoca and desire a dining experience that leans more on the upscale side, Casa Veche stands out as an excellent choice for savoring traditional Romanian cuisine. Intriguingly, even though Casa Veche is situated right in the heart of Piaţă Muzeului, it pleasantly surprises with its reasonable pricing – avoiding the inflated tourist rates typical of establishments in the nearby Piaţă Unirii.

One of the standout dishes at Casa Veche is the duck paired with red cabbage. It offers a symphony of flavors that dance harmoniously on your palate. And for those visiting Cluj-Napoca, the Varza a la Cluj is a culinary experience not to be missed. This dish is emblematic of the city’s rich gastronomic tradition and is something every traveler should indulge in. However, a word of caution: while many dishes at Casa Veche shine, I’d advise steering clear of the ciolan. Both my mother and Szilard have given it a try during our visits, and on both occasions, it was disappointingly undercooked.

A heads-up about the service: the waitstaff at Casa Veche, like several places in Cluj, tend to display a hint of indifference. It’s a quirk that might catch newcomers off guard, but those familiar with the city’s dining landscape soon come to accept it as part of the authentic Cluj experience.

Address: Strada Sextil Pușcariu 1, Cluj-Napoca

Little Hanoi $$

Big bowl of beef pho at Vietnamese restaurant in Cluj-Napoca.

Often, I find myself lamenting Cluj’s limited offerings when it comes to authentic ethnic cuisines. However, Little Hanoi stands as a delightful exception to this sentiment. Their pho, with its robust and nuanced broth, magically transports you away from the heart of Romania and might just convince you that you’re in a trendy NYC bistro (I’ve yet to visit Vietnam, so I can’t vouch for its authenticity to the original).

While their menu boasts a variety of dishes, the pho reigns supreme in my book. Additionally, their pad Thai deserves a mention; when paired with a generous sprinkle of chile peppers, it offers a fiery, flavor-packed punch. All in all, Little Hanoi is undoubtedly the crown jewel among Asian restaurants in Cluj-Napoca.

Address: Bulevardul Nicolae Titulescu 165, Cluj-Napoca

Livada $$

Beautifully plated  entrees on blue linen in Cluj-Napoca.

Picture this—a delightful mix of modern chic and that rustic charm we all secretly love. Inside, it’s all about coziness with string lights casting a soft glow and little touches of greenery adding just the right dose of warmth. You’d half expect to curl up with a good book!

But come summer? Their outdoor terrace is the real MVP. Thanks to their stellar gardening skills, you’re not just dining outside; you’re dining under a canopy of stars amidst a well-curated garden. And let’s talk food—Livada’s menu is a culinary journey. Crowd favorites include their sumptuous roast duck, a creamy truffle risotto, and for the sweet-toothed, a delectable chocolate fondant that melts just right. Every dish feels like a comforting hug, but with a gourmet touch.

Address: Str. Clinicilor 14, Cluj-Napoca

Meat Up $$

Loaded burger with side of fries and a Coca Cola in Cluj-Napoca.

Got a burger itch in Cluj? Say no more, and head straight to Meat Up. This isn’t your average run-of-the-mill burger spot. Nah, it’s like the rockstar of the burger world in the city. Step in and you’ll feel it – that urban coolness without any of the snob vibes.

Now, the menu’s got its fair share of awesome, but the El Chapo burger? Man, that’s a game changer. Think: a beef patty that’s been jazzed up with the right kind of spicy, hugged by crispy bacon and onions, and then given a little zing with jalapeno jam. And that bun? Toasted to perfection.

Just a little heads up from yours truly—I’ve mostly gone the delivery or take-out route with Meat Up. And let me tell ya, if their burgers can travel and still make me do a happy dance in my living room, they’re doing something right, making it a top contender for the best burger restaurants in Cluj-Napoca.

Address: Strada Gheorghe Șincai 14, Cluj-Napoca

Miko $$

Hungarian pancakes in sauce at restaurant in Cluj-Napoca.

This isn’t just a restaurant; it’s like a mini trip to Hungary without leaving the city. The vibe inside? Imagine the warm, snug feels of a Hungarian grandma’s kitchen – yeah, it’s got that vintage-cozy charm down to a tee. While there are plenty of Hungarian restaurants in Cluj-Napoca, this is by far my favorite.

The menu? Pure Hungarian goodness. I mean, every bite feels like a heartfelt hug in food form. But if you’re looking for a legit recommendation, let me shout out the Bab Gulyas. It’s this epic bean goulash that packs in beans, smoked pork, veggies, and all those classic Hungarian spices. Comfort food? More like “why have I never tried this before?” kind of food. Trust me, Miko’s gonna leave you with a foodie grin and a satisfied belly.

Address: Str. Clinicilor 23, Cluj-Napoca

PelPenn African Cuisine $$

African rice and chicken on dish in Cluj-Napoca.

Craving a burst of African flavor in Cluj-Napoca? PelPenn African Cuisine has got your back. While it’s a newer kid on the block, it’s already making some pretty big waves in the city’s food scene. Walking into PelPenn feels like stepping into a colorful postcard from Africa – think traditional African art meets modern chic vibes.

Now, let’s talk grub. The menu here? Oh boy, it’s like a whirlwind trip across Africa. From the savory to the spicy, every dish feels like a flavor party. What really gets me, though, is how they make everything taste both genuine and kinda fresh-twist inventive at the same time.

But PelPenn isn’t just about the food – although, trust me, that’s worth the trip alone. It’s the whole vibe. From the warm welcomes to the atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re dining with old friends, the place is all about celebrating everything awesome about African culture. You won’t find any other similar restaurants in Cluj-Napoca.

Address: Strada Dâmboviței 33a, Cluj-Napoca

Samsara $$

Outdoor terrace with strung lights at restaurant in Cluj-Napoca.

Looking for a veggie paradise in Cluj-Napoca? Dive into Samsara. Trust me, even if you’re a meat-lover, this place has the magic to make you reconsider. It’s not just a vegetarian spot; it’s quickly become one of Cluj’s foodie hotspots.

Step in, and you’re hit with these calming, zen vibes. Modern minimalist touches, dashes of green, and an overall chilled-out ambiance make you feel like you’ve stepped into a cool, urban jungle. And the food? Oh, let me get started! Their menu is this awesome mix of colorful, hearty dishes that scream, “Who said veggie food was boring?” Every plate is not just a treat for the tastebuds but also a little piece of art for the eyes.

And there’s more – when summer rolls around, Samsara amps up the chill vibes with live music on their terrace. Imagine munching on some top-tier veggie goodness while jamming to Cluj’s finest tunes. Yep, that’s Samsara for ya. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, or just feeling veggie-curious, this spot is a must-hit. It’s really the only option for purely vegetarian restaurants in Cluj-Napoca, but it’s so good, it doesn’t matter.

Address: Cardinal Iuliu Hossu Street 3, Cluj-Napoca

Manger $$

Woman sitting at table with fork and knife in her hands in Cluj-Napoca.

Tucked away on Strada Regele Ferdinand, away from the buzz of Piaţă Muzeului, is Manger – Cluj-Napoca’s chic little secret. Stepping into Manger feels like you’ve been let in on an elite club, with its sleek, understated elegance. Dim lights, minimalistic charm, and that classic exposed brick vibe set the stage for some serious indulgence.

Now, let’s talk food. Their menu? Oh, it’s a culinary wonderland. Think high-end ingredients meeting some truly inventive cooking. Every dish is like a flavor-packed piece of art that’ll have you planning your next visit before you’ve even left.

Because of its boutique size and how word’s gotten around town about its awesomeness, getting a reservation is kinda crucial. And honestly, that just amps up its cool factor. Each time you dine at Manger, it feels like you’re attending an exclusive soirée. So if you’re looking for that perfect blend of class, intimacy, and downright deliciousness, Manger makes one of the best date night restaurants in Cluj-Napoca.

Address: Strada Regele Ferdinand 23, Cluj-Napoca

Nativ $$$

Charcuterie plate and beef tartare on a set table in Cluj-Napoca..

Tucked in the heart of Cluj-Napoca, Nativ is your ticket to a rich Romanian culinary adventure. Seriously, this place is like a love letter to Romanian gastronomy, celebrating the essence of our heritage using only local products. And let me tell you, the vibes here? Classy, yet with that unmistakable Romanian warmth we all adore. The interiors? Slick and tasteful, making it the perfect backdrop for your next date night or that overdue fancy dinner.

Diving into the menu, you’ll realize Nativ isn’t just putting on a show. They’re the real deal. Their range screams diversity, and the quality of the ingredients? Top-notch. Now, if you’re in the mood for beef, you’re in for a treat. Their steak and beef tartare are honestly legendary. Like, I-can’t-stop-thinking-about-it kind of good.

But wait, the fun doesn’t stop at the food. Nativ’s got this genius drink up their sleeve. Picture this: gin and tonic but make it Romanian. They swap out the typical mixer for socata, a local elderflower soda. Yep, it’s as refreshing and unique as it sounds. So, if you’re looking to elevate your dining experience with a splash of Romanian flair, Nativ is one of the only restaurants in Cluj-Napoca offering exclusively Romanian products.

Address: Strada Georges Clemenceau nr. 3, Cluj-Napoca

Casa Boema $$$

Smoker at Casa Boema, one of the best restaurants in Cluj-Napoca

Ah, Casa Boema. Think of it as Cluj-Napoca’s playground for the cool cats. It’s not just where you go to eat; it’s where you go to immerse yourself in the pulse of the city, rubbing shoulders with the chic and fabulous. Now, I could talk about the interiors, but trust me, their outdoor terrace? Absolute scene-stealer. Dining under ancient trees, with fairy lights sprinkled above? It’s like stepping into the pages of a romantic novel.

The ambiance is what sets this place apart. Inside or out, there’s this electric buzz in the air, with lively conversations, clinking glasses, and that distinct sound of shared memories being made. It’s vibrant, it’s energetic, and it’s utterly infectious.

Now, let’s talk grub. While Casa Boema might not take the top culinary spot when lined up against giants like Nativ or Manger, it sure knows how to serve a plateful of deliciousness. With a menu that caters to just about every taste, you’re bound to find something that tickles your fancy. For vibes alone, it’s one of the best restaurants in Cluj-Napoca.

Address: Strada Iuliu Maniu 34, Cluj-Napoca

Rod $$$

Gin and Tonic at Rod in Cluj-Napoca

On the quieter side of Cluj-Napoca, nestled down Calea Turzii, lies Rod – an unassuming gem that beckons you to relish its culinary offerings. It’s become somewhat of a ritual for my mother; no visit to Cluj is complete without a meal here. And if there’s one dish that’s the undeniable star of the show, it’s the ribs with hot pepper jam. Imagine melt-in-your-mouth ribs slathered in a tantalizing fusion of spicy and sweet jam. Yes, it’s every bit as delectable as it sounds, and trust me, it’s become my regular order too.

Though Rod isn’t smack in the city’s central buzz, making that little detour is worth every bite. Beyond the food, it’s the warmth, the kind service, and that unmistakable feeling of comfort that makes Rod feel less like a restaurant and more like dining in the company of family. It truly is one of the best restaurants in Cluj-Napoca.

Address: Calea Turzii 160, Cluj-Napoca

Baracca $$$

Tagliatelle and mushrooms at a restaurant in Cluj-Napoca.

Nestled in the pulsing core of Cluj-Napoca, Baracca isn’t just another eatery, but a showcase of the city’s modern gastronomic spirit. It’s where traditional meets trendy, presenting a culinary experience tailored for the contemporary palate. One step inside, and you’re greeted by an interior that masterfully weaves together rustic charm and sleek modernity. Sunlight filters through generous windows, illuminating the room and casting a welcoming glow on the chic decor, making it a lively window to the city’s heart.

When it comes to the food, Baracca serves up more than just meals; it delivers edible art. With a menu that dances between classic Romanian dishes and global favorites, there’s an innovative twist to every bite. A standout recommendation? Dive into their pastas – a delightful testament to their knack for getting every detail just right.

Address: Strada Napoca 8A, Cluj-Napoca

Kupaj $$$

Seared scallop entree in Cluj-Napoca.

So, here’s the lowdown on Cluj Napoca’s coolest new eatery – Kupaj. The exposed brick walls? Total vibe. It’s like stepping into this groovy industrial-chic wonderland where past meets present. Opened in 2022, but it feels like it’s been the town’s favorite hangout forever. They’ve got a tasting menu for 330 lei, and if you’re up for it, throw in another 220 lei for a Romanian wine pairing (and trust me, you’ll want to).

Now, let me explain on the star player here: the Heirloom tomatoes salad. Imagine biting into this zesty mix of dill mayo, savory homemade olive pate, with a touch of sweet peaches and, to top it all off, a sprinkle of parmesan powder. Mind. Blown. Every time I pop in, it’s a must-have on my list.

Address: Strada Sindicatelor 4, Cluj-Napoca

Restaurant Pastel $$$$

Fine dining restaurant with pastel velvet chairs  and flower covered ceiling in Cluj-Napoca.

Restaurant Pastel has turned fine dining into an art form, merging top-tier ingredients with jaw-dropping techniques and plating that’s basically Instagram gold.

Speaking of gold, have you heard of their dish named ‘Princess Diana’? This is luxury on a plate: tenderloin decked out with shaved black truffles, a rich bacon & mushroom jam, and here’s the showstopper – it’s all wrapped in actual 18k gold. Yep, you read that right. At 350 lei, it’s not just a meal; it’s an experience.

Now, I’ve got to be honest about the setting. The oversized stuffed chairs and carpet vibe give me some serious hotel restaurant feels, which kind of takes away from the otherwise opulence you get here. But once you taste their food, well, you’ll probably overlook that bit. Pastel guarantees a chill, exciting dining escapade that’ll have you chatting about it for days. It’s surely among the most memorable restaurants in Cluj-Napoca.

Address: Calea Turzii 62, Cluj-Napoca

Best Pubs & Bars in Cluj-Napoca


Tattooed dad holding baby in restaurant with colorful murals in Cluj-Napoca.

If you’re scouting Cluj Napoca’s nightlife scene, Insomnia deserves a spot on your radar. The bar is decked out with striking murals from floor to ceiling, giving it a distinct and lively ambiance.

Perfect for those weekend nights when you want to catch up with friends in a spirited setting. They do have a menu with some food options, but personally, I’ve always been there for the atmosphere and drinks. In the heart of Cluj Napoca, Insomnia effortlessly blends art and leisure, making it a popular choice for locals and visitors alike.

When planning a night out, this place is worth checking out. It was one of Olly’s first favorites in the city!

Address: Strada Universității 2, Cluj-Napoca


Cocktail on a bar with colorful plates in the background.

Just a stone’s throw away from Insomnia, you’ll find Sisters—a haven for craft cocktail enthusiasts. While it’s nestled in the vibrant heart of Cluj Napoca’s nightlife, it offers a slightly different vibe. Here, the bartenders aren’t just serving drinks; they’re crafting experiences. I once went off-menu and requested a Division Bell—a tantalizing mix of mezcal, Aperol, Luxardo, and lime—and they nailed it without a hitch.

But Sisters isn’t just an evening affair. When the sun’s up, it doubles as a cozy spot for a coffee catch-up. Whether you’re kickstarting your day with a caffeine hit or winding down with a crafted concoction, Sisters is versatile and inviting. If you’re in the area, it’s definitely worth a visit, be it day or night.

Address: Strada Universității 2, Cluj-Napoca

Old Shepherd

Cave-like bar with many signs on the walls in Cluj-Napoca.

Tucked away near Piata Muzeului is the enigmatic underground haunt known as Old Shepherd. If you’re in the mood for a night that blurs into energetic memories, this might just be your spot. On weekends, it becomes a whirlwind of activity, and I’ll confess, many of my visits there have turned into hazy recollections.

Fair warning: the noise levels can rise to match the lively crowd, but that’s all part of the charm. It’s the kind of place where you snag a drink, gather your pals, and just let the evening unfold. If you’re after a spirited night in Cluj, Old Shepherd is a pit stop you won’t want to miss.

Address: Strada Matei Corvin Nr 2, Cluj-Napoca

Joben Experience Bar

Fun atmosphere at Joben Experience Bar in Cluj-Napoca

Ever wanted to step into a space that feels like a blend of whimsy, wonder, and… well, just plain weird? Welcome to Joben Experience Bar. As the name suggests, a visit here is nothing short of an experience. With a diverse array of craft cocktails, you’re not just sipping a drink—you’re embarking on a flavor journey.

But it’s not just about the beverages. The decor is an adventure in itself. Viking helmets? Check. Robots? Absolutely. A smorgasbord of eclectic items that keep your eyes darting around the room? Definitely. Every corner has a surprise in store, making it a feast for the senses.

And if your stomach starts rumbling amidst all this excitement, the dishes from chef-owner Baciu won’t disappoint. Delicious and crafted with care, they complement the zany ambiance perfectly. Honestly, I’d like to include Joben in the ‘Best Restaurants in Cluj-Napoca’ category as well.

When in Cluj, Joben Experience Bar is a pit stop that promises a delightful rollercoaster for the senses. Whether you’re there for the drinks, the décor, or the delectable dishes, you’re in for a memorable time.

Address: Strada Avram Iancu 29, Cluj-Napoca

Klausen Pubhouse

Outdoor patio covered with green leaves in Cluj-Napoca.

Klausen Pubhouse—a laid-back haven for those looking to escape the city’s hustle and bustle. This place doesn’t try to be flashy or overly trendy; it’s just authentic and cozy, making it an instant favorite.

The comfy couches beckon you to sink in, and if the weather’s right, the intimate terrace is a sweet spot for some quality time with friends. When it comes to drinks, I’ve got a soft spot for their Russian Standard vodka on the rocks. Pair that with their housemade lemonade, and you’ve got a refreshing combo that hits just right.

If you’re in the mood for a relaxed evening in a genuine, unpretentious setting, Klausen Pubhouse is a must-visit. It’s all about good vibes, great drinks, and cherished company.

Address: Strada Georges Clemenceau nr 1, Cluj-Napoca

Booha Bar

Outdoor patio with groups of people enjoying drinks in Cluj-Napoca.

If you’re wandering around the University campus and you’re in the mood for a pulsing rhythm and a buzzing crowd, look no further than Booha Bar. This joint is practically an institution among students and locals alike.

The vibe? Think of it as the heartbeat of the campus—always alive, always energetic. What sets Booha apart, besides its strategic location, are the Booha Bar Music Sessions. These aren’t just your average music nights; they’re like mini festivals that pump up the mood and get everyone grooving.

It’s no wonder that Booha Bar has cemented its status as everyone’s go-to spot. Whether you’re a student looking to unwind after lectures or someone seeking a lively evening filled with catchy tunes, this place never disappoints.

Address: Strada Piezișă 19, Cluj-Napoca

Syndicate Bar

Chic hotel bar with moody lights in Cluj-Napoca.

Dive into Cluj-Napoca’s vibrant scene at Syndicate Bar, where every drink seems to carry a bit of soul. Perfectly situated in the heart of the city, this bar offers more than just your typical night out.

As you step in, the air is charged with funk and soul classics, echoing the ethos of the bar – pure, rhythmic, and full of life. It’s not just about the music, though. Their events are a magnet for those who appreciate a lively atmosphere with a touch of old-school charm.

But let’s talk drinks. Their cocktails? Crafted to perfection, with a range that can satiate both the adventurous and the classic palates. The essence of every spirit is captured beautifully, making each sip a memorable one.

Address: Strada Sindicatelor 9-13, Cluj-Napoca

Hardward Pub

Rocker crowd having drinks at Hardward Pub in Cluj-Napoca.

Deep in the heart of Cluj-Napoca lies a gritty gem for those with a penchant for rock and roll: Hardward Pub. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill bar; it’s an anthem for rebels, a nod to free spirits, and an unmistakable gathering point for the local biker scene.

When you walk in, don’t be surprised if you’re met with the roar of a classic rock track or the distant rev of a motorcycle engine. With its rough-around-the-edges charm, Hardward beckons those who resonate with the rhythms of the road and the allure of the asphalt.

But it’s not just about leather jackets and loud engines here. The pub also hosts a variety of concerts, infusing Cluj’s nights with electric guitar riffs and powerful vocals. Whether you’re an MC member, a rock enthusiast, or just someone looking for a good ol’ time, Hardward Pub offers an experience unlike any other.

Address: Strada Republicii 110, Cluj-Napoca

The Brewhouse

Two draft beers in front of a line of taps with yellow background.

Welcome to Cluj-Napoca’s ultimate beer sanctuary, The Brewhouse. If you have a penchant for hops, malts, and everything in between, this place is bound to be your liquid paradise.

They’re not just any pub; they’re the masterminds behind some of Cluj’s favorite brews—Brock’n’Bruin, Player One, and Blackout, to name a few. Each crafted with precision, love, and a touch of brewing magic.

But the beer marvel doesn’t stop there. With 16 rotating taps, there’s always something new to tantalize your taste buds. And if that wasn’t enough, take a peek inside their fridge—it’s like Aladdin’s cave if Aladdin loved craft beer. Bottles upon bottles of meticulously brewed potions await the discerning drinker.

So, whether you’re a seasoned beer connoisseur or just dipping your toes into the world of craft brews, The Brewhouse is where your beer journey takes flight.

Address: Strada Inocențiu Micu Klein 11, Cluj-Napoca


Line of barstools in front of chic bar, Bardot in Cluj-Napoca

Bardot is not just another bar; it’s an upscale haven where sophistication meets laid-back charm.

From the moment you step in, the ambiance captivates. Dim lighting casts a sultry glow, creating an intimate setting that feels both inviting and mysterious. But the true showstopper? That backlit bar. It’s not just an aesthetic marvel, but a functional one too. Unlike many places in Europe, here you can actually pull up a chair, sit at the bar, and savor your drink while engaging in a tête-à-tête with the bartender or a companion.

Bardot strikes a perfect balance, blending the warmth of an old-world European bar with the sleekness of contemporary design. Whether you’re looking to unwind after a long day or seeking the perfect venue for a classy night out in Cluj, Bardot offers an unparalleled experience.

Address: Piața Muzeului 3, Cluj-Napoca

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