Romania Budget Travel – Your Ultimate Guide

Wooden Maramures churches during sunset

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Ever felt the allure of a journey, not just through picturesque landscapes, but also through the rich tapestry of history, culture, and ethereal beauty? Welcome to Romania. Here, each pathway is not just a road; it’s a narrative. Every rustic village, every sprawling castle tells tales of legends, love, and lore.

Yet, the essence of Romania isn’t merely in its tales but also in the affordability of its treasures. Picture this: sipping a rich, aromatic coffee in a century-old cafe, while your wallet remains pleasantly plump. Dreamy, isn’t it? From the cobblestoned streets of Transylvania to the sun-kissed plains of Wallachia, Romania budget-travel isn’t just about saving pennies—it’s an immersion into an authentic experience.

And just like a mesmerizing mosaic, it’s not only about the destinations. The journey, the cuisine, the lodgings, all form a symphony of experiences that are as gentle on your senses as they are on your pocket.

Every turn, every nook, cradles a delightful secret, promising an adventure that’s truly priceless. Welcome to the enchantment that is Romania, where every moment is rich in experience, yet beautifully budget-friendly. Without further ado, here is our Romania Budget Travel guide.

Plane wing flying over Transylvania

Getting to Romania on a Budget

Romania’s enchanting allure is accessible from many corners of the globe, and even more so if you’re savvy about your travel choices. Whether by air, rail, or road, there are numerous budget-friendly options to land you in the heart of this Balkan beauty.

By Air

Flying remains one of the most convenient ways to reach Romania, and with a bit of research, it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Platforms like Skyscanner are a godsend for the budget traveler, offering the ability to scour the web for the most economical flight options. You can set up price alerts, compare routes, and even discover the cheapest months to fly.

Google Flights is another valuable tool in your travel arsenal. With its user-friendly interface and the backing of Google’s powerful search capabilities, you can track fare trends, explore multiple airports, and get recommendations on how to snag a cheaper ticket.

If your journey starts outside of Europe and you find flights to Budapest more budget-friendly, don’t hesitate. Romania is a stone’s throw away, making your next leg of the journey a breeze.

By Train

For those who find themselves in Budapest, whether by choice or serendipity, a scenic train journey awaits. Romania is brilliantly connected to Hungary’s capital by rail. This route not only offers a window to the beautiful landscapes of Eastern Europe but is also a smart way to bridge your trip if direct flights to Romania are pricier. 

A connection in Budapest also makes Romania accessible from countries further west. Sit back, enjoy the countryside, and before you know it, the Transylvanian plains will be rolling into view.

By Bus

If the romance of the rail isn’t your calling, or if you’re looking to pinch pennies even tighter, buses offer a solid alternative. Flixbus, a renowned European bus service, operates routes that connect many major cities directly to Romania. With comfort, Wi-Fi, and surprisingly spacious legroom, your journey will be both affordable and pleasant.

Colorful street in Sighisoara, with budget hostels.

Accommodation in Romania on a Budget

Resting your head in Romania doesn’t mean having to compromise on comfort, even when on a budget. The country offers a wealth of accommodation options to suit every traveler’s pocket and preference, from cozy hostels to charming budget hotels and even homey Airbnb options.


For those seeking camaraderie and a dash of the local vibe, hostels in Romania provide a winning combination. A bed in a 4-8 bed dorm typically costs between 50-70 RON ($11-$16 USD) per night. If you’re craving a tad more privacy, a private room will set you back at least 130 RON ($29 USD).

Almost every hostel pampers guests with free Wi-Fi, allowing you to stay connected with your loved ones or plan your next day’s adventure. For the culinary enthusiast, many hostels are equipped with self-catering facilities, granting you the freedom to whip up your own meals. However, a heads-up for the early riser – most hostels in Romania don’t offer complimentary breakfast.

Budget Hotels

If hostels aren’t your scene, Romania’s budget hotels come to the rescue. For around 150-175 RON ($33-$37 USD) per night, these accommodations offer a more private setting. Should you stumble upon deals even cheaper, they might entail sharing a bathroom with other guests – an adventure in its own right! These hotels usually provide free Wi-Fi and often throw in a simple yet hearty breakfast.


For those seeking the comfort of a home environment, Airbnb operates throughout Romania. You can find private rooms starting around 90 RON ($20 USD) per night. If you’re traveling with family or prefer having an entire place to yourself, homes or apartments usually range between 130-175 RON ($29-$37 USD).

Here’s a cherry on top: Airbnb often slashes prices for stays extending beyond four weeks, making longer sojourns economically appealing.

Food trucks in Cluj-Napoca, a great option for traveling Romania on a budget.

Romania Budget Travel: Eating and Drinking

A journey through Romania is as much a gastronomic delight as it is a cultural exploration. The country’s cuisine is deeply rooted in its Eastern European heritage, bearing the warmth of Hungary, the rustic touch of its neighbors, and a flavor palette that’s unmistakably Romanian.

Romanian meals are a hearty affair. Delight in stews that simmer with history and savor sausages, with the garlic variant being a national favorite. Dip your spoon into the tangy sour soup, or tuck into succulent lamb, flavorsome meatballs, and inviting meat pies. And as you sip the local wine, remember that Romania ranks among the world’s most significant wine producers, sealing its status as a haven for wine enthusiasts.

Dining on a Budget

For a delicious, wallet-friendly meal, think of a crispy schnitzel served with fluffy mashed potatoes and a fresh salad, costing around 35-45 RON ($8-$10 USD).

Breakfasts, often the most important meal of the day, range between 15-30 RON ($3-$7 USD).

A bowl of comforting soup, typically accompanied by a side of bread, is not only an economic choice at 17-25 RON ($4-$6 USD) but also a filling one.

Don’t miss out on the meniu zilei or the daily menu at various restaurants. This typically consists of a soup followed by a main course, and is priced between 30-40 RON ($7-$9 USD) —a delectable bargain. This is often offered between the hours of 12:00 PM and 4:00 PM.

Mid-Range Dining

From the ambiance to the plate, mid-range restaurants offer a more refined experience. Expect to pay:

  • Around 80 RON ($18 USD) for a three-course meal.
  • 35-40 RON ($8-$10 USD) for a plate of juicy burger or al dente pasta.
  • Seafood and steak aficionados, brace for a price range of 75-130 RON ($17-$29 USD).
  • For those craving a culinary journey, six-course tasting menus start from 110 RON ($24 USD).

Quick Bites & Drinks

On the go? Romanian fast-food outlets have you covered.

Grab a burger or hot dog for 6-9 RON ($1.30-$2 USD).

Combo meals, reminiscent of the McDonald’s style, hover around 30-40 RON ($7-$9 USD).

For lighter munchies, takeaway sandwiches are priced around 20 RON ($4.50 USD).

When it comes to quenching your thirst

Local beers at bars set you back 10-16 RON ($2-$4 USD).

Sip on local wines for 15-25 RON ($3-$6 USD) a glass, or indulge in a bottle priced between 60-200 RON ($13-$45 USD).

For cocktail enthusiasts, drinks start from 25-35 RON ($6-$8 USD).

Coffee aficionados can enjoy a cappuccino or latte for 10-12 RON ($2-$3 USD), while tea lovers can steep in flavors for 10 RON ($2 USD).

Hydrate with bottled water priced between 5-8 RON ($1-$1.80 USD).

Groceries & Markets

Cooking can be both therapeutic and economical. Spend approximately 140-190 RON ($30-$42 USD) weekly on groceries that encompass pasta, veggies, chicken, and more. Your best bet for fresh and affordable produce is local markets or tiny roadside stands. Plus, Romania hosts discount supermarkets like Profi, Lidl, and Penny Market.

Romania’s culinary landscape is a testament to its rich heritage. Whether you’re dining out or cooking a meal from fresh market produce, the nation ensures that every bite is flavorful without being heavy on the pocket. Indulge, explore, and let your taste buds embark on this Romanian adventure!

Sibiu train at train station

Traveling within Romania on a Budget

Navigating Romania’s cities and towns offers an intimate glimpse into its daily life, local nuances, and urban landscapes. While the roads and paths might be dotted with centuries-old landmarks, Romania’s public transport system, though imperfect, provides an affordable means to experience these urban tales firsthand.

Buses & Trams

The lifelines of most Romanian towns, buses and trams, are accessible at a pocket-friendly price. A single journey typically costs a mere 2 RON ($0.45 USD). It’s crucial to remember, however, that these modes of transport can sometimes be crowded and might not always be in the best shape. But they are, without doubt, the beating heart of the city’s hustle and bustle.


The capital’s metro stands out, whisking away residents and tourists alike. For a single metro journey, you’ll spend 3 RON (less than $1 USD). However, if you anticipate hopping on and off throughout the day, the day-pass priced at 8 RON ($1.30 USD) is a steal.

For those stationed in Bucharest for longer durations and looking to frequently use public transportation, the weekly metro pass is a worthy investment at 30 RON ($7 USD). Buses and trams in Bucharest also offer week passes, but their costs fluctuate based on the chosen route.

Brașov & Cluj

Dive deeper into the charm of Brasov and Cluj with their efficient bus services. A single ticket here will set you back by 2-2.50 RON ($0.45-$0.55 USD). However, if you’re looking to explore every nook and cranny, consider the day pass, which ranges between 12-14 RON ($2.50-$3 USD).

Fitness Fun in Cluj-Napoca

In a bid to promote fitness and inject some fun into daily commutes, Cluj has a unique offer. At select bus stops, if you’re up for the challenge and manage to do 20 squats, you earn yourself a free bus ticket! It’s not just about saving money but also about keeping fit and having a laugh. A delightful testament to Cluj’s innovative spirit!

Traveling within Romania’s towns and cities is an experience rife with local interactions, unexpected sights, and the rhythm of everyday life. Whether you’re hopping onto a tram, waiting at a bus stop, or doing squats for a free ride in Cluj, each journey becomes a story in its own right.

Lilypads reflecting on the river at the Danube Delta, Romania

Romania Budget Travel: Activities

Romania, with its rich history, natural beauty, and vibrant culture, offers a myriad of activities that don’t require a lavish budget. In fact, some of the most memorable experiences can be availed at little to no cost.

Walking Tours

Cost: Free – 50 RON ($11 USD) (based on optional tip)

Many Romanian cities, including Bucharest, Cluj, and Brasov, offer guided walking tours. These tours, usually led by enthusiastic locals, provide an insightful look into the city’s history, architecture, and hidden gems. While they’re often free, it’s a nice gesture to tip your guide if you enjoyed the experience. Even with tip, it’s still a great way to experience local life while sticking to your budget in Romania.

Museums & Historical Sites

Cost: Free – 30 RON ($7 USD) (varies by location)

Romania boasts several museums that chronicle its art, history, and culture. On certain days, particularly national holidays, entry to some museums can be free. Also, don’t forget to explore historical sites, such as centuries-old churches and fortresses, many of which are either free or come with a nominal entry fee.

Nature Trails & Parks

Cost: Free – 15 RON (3.80 USD) (for national parks)

Romania’s natural beauty is nothing short of mesmerizing. Opt for hikes in the Carpathian Mountains or leisurely strolls in national parks like Retezat or Bucegi. While some trails might be free, national parks usually charge a small entrance fee. The breathtaking views and tranquil surroundings, however, make every penny worthwhile.

Local Festivals & Events

Cost: Free – Varies

Romania’s calendar is dotted with local festivals, fairs, and cultural events, especially during summer. These events provide a firsthand experience of Romania’s traditions, crafts, music, and dance. Many are free to attend or come with a minimal charge.

Street Food & Markets

Cost: 10 – 50 RON ($2-$11 USD)

Dive into Romania’s culinary scene without burning a hole in your pocket. Local markets offer an array of fresh produce, pastries, and traditional delicacies. Similarly, street food stalls serve dishes like mămăligă (cornmeal porridge) or mici (grilled sausages) at affordable prices.

Exploring Romania doesn’t necessitate lavish spending. With its wealth of cultural, historical, and natural attractions, the country offers countless affordable activities that guarantee enriching experiences and lasting memories. Whether you’re wandering through historic alleyways, gazing at majestic mountain vistas, or savoring authentic street food, Romania’s charm lies in its ability to delight every traveler, regardless of their budget.

Panoramic view of Biertan Village

Romania Budget Travel: Money-Saving Tips

Traveling through the picturesque landscapes of Romania doesn’t have to leave your pockets empty. With a little local know-how, you can navigate the country without compromising on experiences, all while sticking to a budget. Here are some practical strategies to stretch your Romanian leu further:

Eat Lunch Out

Potential Savings: Varying based on meals

It may surprise you that one of our tips for Romania budget travel is to eat out – but the lunch deals here (meniu zilei) cannot be understated. Indulge in the Romanian dining experience by stepping out for lunch.

Typically, lunch menus here comprise three delicious courses – soup, a main dish, and sometimes dessert. The best part? This entire sumptuous meal could cost you as little as 30 RON ($7 USD). In the evenings, whip up your own creations in your accommodation’s kitchen to balance out expenses.

Rideshare with BlaBlaCar

Potential Savings: 30-60% on intercity travel

If your travel itinerary is flexible, consider the ridesharing service, BlaBlaCar. Not only does this provide an opportunity to bond with locals, but it’s often faster than traditional buses. Though there are instances when rides don’t show up, the overall experience can be both fun and cost-effective.

Shop at Discount Grocers

Potential Savings: 10-25% on groceries and snacks

When you’re picking ingredients for a self-cooked meal or just grabbing a quick snack, frequent discount supermarkets like Profi, Lidl, and Penny Market. Their shelves are stocked with quality items that don’t break the bank.

Stay at Balkan Backpacker Hostels

Potential Savings: 10% on accommodation

The Balkan Backpacker network has its roots spread across Romania. When you book directly with hostels under this banner and mention your knowledge of the network, you’re entitled to a 10% discount on your stay.

Hitchhike Your Way

Potential Savings: 50-100% on short-distance travel

Romania is among the few places where hitchhiking is both safe and relatively common. Although it may not be the swiftest mode of travel, it’s undeniably a wallet-friendly option for your Romania budget travel. A cheerful sign, a sunny disposition, and trust in your instincts can lead to memorable local interactions and substantial savings.

Embrace the Romanian Rail – CFR

Potential Savings: 20-50% on long-distance travel

Romanian trains might not win any speed contests, but they certainly are wallet-friendly. Especially if you aren’t pressed for time, the train becomes a scenic and economical option. Considering longer journeys? Look out for the night trains that connect various parts of the country.

Invest in a Reusable Water Bottle

Potential Savings: 5-8 RON ($1-$1.80 USD) per bottle of water

Romania’s tap water is generally potable. Arm yourself with a reusable water bottle, preferably with a built-in filter like LifeStraw, to stay hydrated without constantly buying bottled water. This small switch not only saves you money but also plays a part in reducing plastic waste.

As you traverse the Romanian landscape, remember that a limited budget doesn’t equate to limited experiences. Often, the most treasured memories come from unexpected local interactions, scenic train rides, and meals whipped up from fresh market produce. With these tips in your back pocket, your Romania budget travel adventure promises to be both enriching and economical.

How Cheap is it to Visit Romania?

Traveling in Romania offers a spectrum of experiences, catering to both the frugal backpacker and the indulgent luxury seeker. To make the most of your journey, it’s essential to understand the costs associated with different budgets. Here’s a breakdown to help you map out your spending:

The Strict Budgeter: 140 RON/day

For those on a shoestring budget, Romania is a dream destination. With just 140 RON ($31 USD) a day, you can:

Stay: Bunk in a cozy hostel dormitory.

Eat: Harness your culinary skills by cooking all your meals, sourcing ingredients from local markets or discount grocery stores.

Commute: Embrace local transportation options, like trams and buses, and pick slower trains for intercity travel.

Engage: Opt for free activities. From hiking the Carpathian trails to joining free walking tours in historic towns, you won’t be short of enriching experiences.

The Mid-Range Traveler: 265 RON/day

With a budget of approximately 265 RON ($58 USD) daily, you can elevate your travel experience without burning a hole in your pocket:

Stay: Enjoy the homely comforts of an Airbnb.

Eat: Dine out for most meals. Sample Romania’s hearty stews, savor a glass of locally-produced wine, or grab a meniu zilei for lunch.

Commute: Occasionally hail a taxi, choose buses or make use of rideshares for traveling between cities.

Engage: Explore the rich history by visiting museums, castles, and other attractions that come with a fee.

The Luxury Enthusiast: 440 RON/day and upwards

For those willing to splurge a bit more, starting at 440 RON ($97 USD) daily, you can indulge in:

Stay: Recline in the plush surroundings of a hotel.

Eat: Dine at upscale restaurants for all your meals. Experiment with diverse dishes and drink to your heart’s content.

Commute: Navigate Romania’s landscapes at your own pace with a rented car.

Engage: Take your pick from the array of tours, activities, and experiences on offer. Whether it’s a wine-tasting session or a private guided tour, the choices are limitless.

Remember, these are just daily averages to provide you with a framework. Real-time spending can oscillate based on specific choices, unforeseen expenses, or spontaneous decisions. However, armed with these budget insights, you can tailor your Romania budget travel adventure to align with your financial comfort zone.

Gorge on the Danube River in Romania

Romania – A Jewel for Every Budget

Ah, Romania! A land where the echoes of folklore blend seamlessly with the hum of modernity. A place where every cobblestone, every mountain peak, and every plate of hearty cuisine tells a story. And the beauty of it all? There’s a Romanian narrative for every traveler, irrespective of their budget.

Whether you’re a backpacker tracing the footprints of Dracula, a mid-range explorer soaking in the vibrant cityscapes, or someone who seeks luxury amidst Romania’s historical wonders, the country never ceases to amaze. Its diversity in experiences matches its range of budgetary options, making it a magnet for globetrotters of all kinds.

Traveling Romania on a budget doesn’t mean skimping on the experience. It’s about making smart, informed choices, and with the insights provided here, you’re well-equipped to do just that. As you embark on this enchanting journey, remember that the heart of Romania isn’t just in its landmarks or cuisines, but in the connections you make, the stories you hear, and the memories you forge.

So, pack those bags, set your budget, and let Romania sweep you off your feet. It promises an adventure, a lesson, and a tale for every pocket. Safe travels!

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