Untold Festival: The Ultimate Guide (2023)

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Hello, music fanatics, and festival junkies! Buckle up and get ready to explore the thrilling, heart-pounding adventure that is the Untold Festival in Romania. Whether you’re a newbie to the festival scene or a seasoned veteran, this guide is your golden ticket to dive deep into one of the biggest, loudest, and proudest music festivals on the planet.

Untold is more than just a festival; it’s an experience that sticks with you, beats that resonate in your bones, lights that dazzle your eyes, and stories waiting to be born. Imagine yourself amid a sea of euphoric fans, with the planet’s hottest artists playing the soundtrack to your summer.

It’s not just about the music. It’s about the friends you’ll make, the local delicacies you’ll devour, the culture you’ll soak up, and the memories you’ll create in a city transformed by the spirit of celebration. So, if you’ve been yearning for a festival that delivers one hell of a punch, the Untold Festival might just be your next favorite summer adventure.

Ready to be part of a whirlwind of sound, color, and unforgettable moments? Welcome to your ultimate guide to the Untold Festival in Romania. Let’s get this party started! Sit back, grab a drink, and let’s embark on this electrifying journey together! Welcome to Untold Romania!

Let’s dance, shall we?

Musicians on stage at Untold Festival in Romania.

What is Untold Festival?

Untold: More Than Just a Music Festival

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, party animals of all ages, welcome to the phenomenon known as the Untold Festival! No, it’s not your regular ‘camp in a field, headbang to some tunes, and call it a weekend’ kind of festival. Nah, Untold is in a league of its own. It’s a four-day, non-stop party, a sensory overload where the thumping bass meets fairytale magic, right in the heart of Transylvania. Yes, you read that right. Transylvania – where Dracula probably throws some wicked moonlit raves when he’s not busy being, well, Dracula.

Since its inception in 2015, the Untold Festival has become a Mecca for electronic and dance music enthusiasts worldwide, even bagging the ‘Best Major Festival’ title at the European Festival Awards. But here’s the thing – while music is the heartbeat of Untold, it’s the soul of the festival that leaves an indelible imprint on each attendee. The rich blend of music, art, cultural experiences, and good vibes creates an atmosphere you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

Untold’s Beginnings and Growth: A Success Story

Picture this: the year is 2015, and Romania’s vibrant city, Cluj-Napoca, becomes home to a brand new music festival. Fast-forward to today, Untold has exploded into a global phenomenon, attracting over 360,000 music lovers from around the world in 2022. Talk about a glow-up!

So what’s the secret? It’s a unique cocktail of diverse music genres, captivating stages, and an unparalleled energy that radiates throughout the festival. Throw in the ‘who’s who’ of the electronic music industry gracing the stages (think Armin van Buuren, Martin Garrix, and David Guetta), and you’ve got yourself an epic party!

What sets Untold apart is its daring commitment to provide a platform for local Romanian artists, showing off the homegrown talent amidst the big international names. This blend of local and global creates a festival lineup as eclectic and enchanting as the festival itself.

Alright, buckle up party people. We’re just getting started. Next, we’re diving into the nitty-gritty of the Untold experience: the music, the magic, and the absolute mayhem that ensues when the sun goes down over Cluj-Napoca. Ready for the ride? Untold Festival, here we come!

Untold main stage during an epic music performance (left side)
Untold main stage during an epic music performance (right side)

The Untold Experience: Music, Magic, and More

Untold 2023

Dates: August 3-6, 2023

Location: Cluj Arena, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

The Eclectic Untold Lineup

Okay, folks, let’s talk tunes! Untold is not one to shy away from variety. With over ten stages, there’s always a beat to get your body moving, regardless of your music tastes. And, oh boy, the lineups! It’s like the festival gods came together and said, “Let there be the best damn lineup in the history of music festivals!”

Picture this: Your favorite electronic giants like David Guetta and Tiesto are sending shockwaves through the crowd. You’re dancing like there’s no tomorrow when suddenly, Bon Jovi’s ‘It’s My Life’ echoes through the air from the live band stage. Eclectic? Yes. Epic? Hell yeah!

And, if you’re one to support local talent, you’re in for a treat! Untold makes sure to put Romanian musicians in the spotlight, showing the world what this country’s got to offer. All these flavors combined make the Untold lineup a sonic buffet you wouldn’t want to miss!

Stage Designs: Where Magic Comes to Life

The stages at Untold are no ordinary music platforms. They’re extraordinary masterpieces where fantasy meets reality. The Main Stage, for instance, is a giant, psychedelic playground that makes you question if you’ve walked into a music festival or a reimagined Narnia. But hey, who’s complaining?

Each stage has a unique theme that enhances the music experience. From the mesmerizing Galaxy Stage with its immersive LED screen to the Daydreaming Experience’s serene natural setting, each one invites you into a different world. And you, my friend, are Alice, hopping from one Wonderland to another.

The Untold Crowd: A Melting Pot of Cultures

Now, a festival ain’t a festival without its crowd. And at Untold, you’ve got a real mixed bag of music-loving, adventure-seeking party animals. From the Aussie backpacker to the local Romanian college kid, Untold is a beautiful melting pot of cultures and backgrounds all vibing on the same frequency.

The energy, the camaraderie, the infectious spirit of unity – it’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Here, you’ll make friends with strangers, share dance moves with people from different continents, and be part of a global family united by the love of music and good times.

Views of Cluj-Napoca from Cetatuia Park during sunset.

Untold Cluj-Napoca: A City Transformed

Cluj-Napoca: A City on Festival Mode

Cluj-Napoca! Just saying the name is like a party in your mouth, and wait till you experience the city during Untold – it’s like stepping into another dimension! For four days and nights, this charming city in the heart of Transylvania goes all out, transforming into an electrifying hotspot teeming with life, laughter, and a whole lotta love for music.

From medieval architecture serving as the backdrop to your festival selfies, to the local bistros serving up drool-worthy Transylvanian specialties at local restaurants in Cluj-Napoca (get ready to fall in love with mici), Cluj-Napoca embraces the festival vibe like a pro.

Every corner of the city pulses with the Untold spirit, creating an atmosphere so vibrant that even Dracula would ditch his castle to join the party. And don’t be surprised if you find yourself in a spontaneous dance-off with the locals in the city square because in Cluj-Napoca during Untold, anything can happen!

Attractions and Activities Outside the Festival Grounds

Listen, we get it. As much as you’re here for the non-stop party, a little sightseeing never hurt anybody. And guess what? Cluj-Napoca is a treasure trove of culture and history that begs to be explored.

Need a break from the thumping bass? Escape to the tranquility of the Botanical Garden, a peaceful haven that’ll help you recharge. For the history buffs, the medieval St. Michael’s Church and Matthias Corvin’s House are sure to satisfy your cultural cravings. You’ll find no shortage of things to do in Cluj-Napoca.

Feeling adventurous? The Salina Turda, a centuries-old salt mine turned amusement park (only in Romania, right?), is just a short trip away from the city. And for the perfect festival souvenir, nothing beats the local markets where you can snag unique Romanian crafts.

Remember, Untold isn’t just a music festival; it’s your gateway to explore the untold treasures of Cluj-Napoca. So grab a map, slap on some sunscreen, and get ready to discover a city as exciting and diverse as the festival itself!

Up next, we’re dishing out some indispensable tips to ensure your journey to the heart of Transylvania is as smooth as the beats you’ll be grooving to. Pack your bags, party people; we’re heading to Untold Romania!

Cluj arena during Untold

Journey to the Heart of Transylvania: Getting to Cluj-Napoca

So, you’re ready to hit Untold Festival, and all that’s left is figuring out how to actually get to Cluj-Napoca, the beating heart of Transylvania and home of Untold. Well, buckle up, because we’re about to navigate the many ways to get you to the party.

Flying In: Welcome to the Skyway

For most international festival-goers, the quickest and easiest way to Cluj is by air. Cluj-Napoca has an international airport (Avram Iancu Cluj International Airport), hosting several airlines and offering direct flights from many European cities. If you’re coming from farther away, you might have a layover or two, but that just adds to the adventure, right?

Once you’ve landed, getting to the city center is a breeze. You can grab a taxi, catch a local bus, or if you’re feeling fancy, hire a car. Just remember to keep an eye out for taxi scams – agree on a price before you set off or ensure the meter is running.

Road Tripping: The Scenic Route

If you’re already in Europe, why not turn your trip to Untold into a full-blown road trip? Pack some snacks, make a killer playlist (maybe featuring some Untold artists to get you in the mood), and hit the road.

Remember, though, that Romanian roads can be a little tricky – as can driving in Romania. Make sure to have a reliable GPS and be prepared for the occasional adventurous detour.

Rail or Bus: Riding in Comfort

For those who prefer a laid-back journey, catching a train or bus to Cluj-Napoca is a great option. Romania’s rail network is pretty extensive, and there are regular services from Bucharest and other major cities to Cluj. It might be slower, but hey, you can kick back, enjoy the Romanian countryside, and maybe even make some new festival friends en route.

Similarly, there are several bus companies offering comfortable rides to Cluj. It’s a good mix of cost-effective and convenient, especially if you’re starting your journey from another Romanian city.

Whether you’re soaring through the skies, road tripping, or sitting back on a train or bus, remember that the journey is all part of the adventure. Cluj-Napoca, we’re coming for ya!

Main stage during Untold Festival with thousands of festival attendees.
Ferris wheel at Untold against a yellow hazy sky.

Securing Your Untold Pass: A Guide to Festival Tickets and Wristbands

Get Your Tickets: The First Step to Untold Bliss

If there’s one thing you need to step into the musical paradise of Untold, it’s your festival ticket. This coveted pass is your passport to four days of unforgettable sounds, sights, and experiences. Tickets usually go on sale several months before the festival, and they sell out pretty quickly. So, make sure you’re on your A-game when it’s time to hit ‘Buy’.

You have the option to get 4 day General Admission, 4 day VIP, or day passes.

Ticket Resale

Let’s get real for a moment. Scams suck, and the last thing we want is for your Untold experience to be ruined by dodgy ticket dealings. So here’s the lowdown:

If it seems sketchy, it probably is. The only tickets worth your hard-earned cash are those from authorized sources.

Going for a secondhand ticket? No problem, just make sure it’s done the right way. The original buyer needs to transfer the ticket from their email address to yours, but here’s the catch – it has to be done through the official Online Check-in Platform on untold.com.

When the deal is done, you should have a shiny new PDF ticket in your inbox. This bad boy is your golden ticket into the festival – without it, you’ll be left dancing outside the gates.

So, folks, remember to play it safe and buy your tickets from trustworthy sources only. Stay smart, stay vigilant, and let’s keep the party going scam-free!

From Ticket to Wristband: The Transformation

Okay, so you’ve got your ticket. Congrats! But hold on, you’re not quite done yet. Your ticket now needs to morph into a wristband, your all-access pass inside the festival grounds.

You can order your wristband to be delivered through Tazz, or they can be picked up at select Banca Transylvania agencies – in Bucharest at Promenada Mall or AFI Cotroceni, or in Cluj-Napoca at Iulius Mall. Finally, you can also pick them up at Parcul Central in Cluj-Napoca.

Now, don’t freak out. This might sound like a quest, but the folks at Untold have got this down to a science. The lines move faster than you can drop the bass, thanks to a well-organized system designed to get you ready for the party as quickly as possible.

When to Get Your Wristband: Timing is Everything

The time when you can collect your wristband depends on the type of ticket you have. If you’re a proud owner of a GA 4-day pass, you’ll be able to pick up your wristband at a designated time, usually a day or two before the festival begins.

On the other hand, if you’ve got a day pass like us, you can only collect your wristband the day before your chosen festival day. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to snag it two days in advance. Yes, we know, the anticipation is killer!

A Few Pro Tips for a Smooth Wristband Collection

When you’re heading to pick up your wristband, bring your ticket (of course), a valid ID, and a hefty dose of patience. Although the system is efficient, remember that you’re not the only eager beaver in town, so there might be a wait.

Once you’ve got your wristband, wear it with pride (and don’t take it off)! This little band isn’t just a ticket, it’s a symbol that you’re part of the Untold tribe. Plus, vendors throughout the festival don’t take cash – this is also how you’ll pay! You can load up your wristband with funds at the official webpage or on-site at the festival.

Remember, a smooth start to your Untold journey begins with a seamless ticket and wristband process. So get on it, future Untolders, and we’ll see you at the gates!

Woman at festival holding Romanian flag.

Finding a Place to Crash: Untold Accommodation Guide

Navigating the Accommodation Jungle

So, you’ve secured your Untold tickets (woohoo!), and now it’s time to figure out where you’ll be crashing after dancing your heart out. Now, here’s the thing: Cluj-Napoca knows it’s in high demand during the Untold Festival, and let’s just say, the accommodation prices aren’t shy to reflect that.

Sure, you could be that lucky dude who’s got a buddy with a spare couch in Cluj. But if your Romanian friend circle is a bit on the non-existent side, fear not! You just need a game plan, and we’ve got you covered.

And no, you cannot stay with me – with two babies and three dogs, my house is enough of a circus these days.

Book Early and Wisely: Your Wallet Will Thank You

First things first: book as early as possible. We’re talking the minute you score your festival ticket. The early bird might get the worm, but in this case, it gets reasonably priced accommodation. And with thousands of music fans flocking to Cluj, believe us, those affordable spots are going to fill up faster than you can say “Untold.”

A word of advice: when booking, ensure you choose a place with a fair cancellation policy. Life can be as unpredictable as a DJ’s playlist, and you want to make sure you can bail without a hefty penalty if your plans change.

Location, Location, Location

While booking, keep in mind the distance to the festival grounds. You don’t want to end your night with a marathon sprint to your bed. Try to snag a place in the city center or close to the festival grounds. The less time you spend commuting, the more time you have for soaking up the festival vibes (and the local brews).

Consider renting an apartment or a room through Airbnb. It’s often cheaper than hotels, and you’ll get a cozy place to recharge after partying all night. Regardless of whether it’s an Airbnb or a hotel, you’ll spend hundreds per night.

Hostels are also options but remember, prices can (and will) still skyrocket during the festival. Book early and look for deals and discounts.

For slightly lower prices, you can stay on the outskirts of the city (in areas like Borhanci, Dambul Rotund, Floresti). But if you want to be in the heart of the action, staying in the city center is your best option.

Where you stay can greatly influence your festival experience, so choose wisely and book early. Happy lodging hunting, and see you in Cluj!

Excited crowd at Untold Romania

What to Pack for Untold

Listen up, packing for Untold isn’t rocket science, but a well-stocked backpack can make a world of difference to your festival experience. So, what should you pack?

Start with the essentials: comfortable clothes (think loose, breathable, and dance-friendly), sturdy shoes, a rain poncho (because the weather can be unpredictable), a power bank (for those Insta stories), earplugs (when you want to catch some Z’s), and a refillable water bottle.

And while it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement, don’t forget the golden rule: Always party responsibly. Keep yourself hydrated, use sunscreen, and remember, you’re here for a good time, not a long time, so pace yourself!

Steve Aoki at Untold in Cluj-Napoca

Untold 2023: Unveiling the Lineup

Let’s face it, the heart and soul of any music festival is the lineup. Untold 2023 is shaping up to be another epic year, with a list of performers that’ll have you dancing till your feet beg for mercy. Let’s dive into this year’s stellar lineup, guaranteed to keep your festival spirits soaring high.

(Disclaimer: This lineup is for Untold 2023. Future festival-goers, make sure to check the official website for the most current lineup.)

Day 1: Kicking Off with a Bang

The opening day of Untold 2023 is set to raise the bar sky-high. With a blend of EDM royalty and fresh faces, the first day promises to start the party with a bang. Whether you’re a trance devotee or a house music aficionado, you’ll find a beat to move to. Highlights on Day 1 include Ava Max, Bebe Rexha, Alok, Kshmr, Topic, and of course, the legendary Steve Aoki.

Day 2: Keeping the Beats Rolling

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Day 2 rolls in with its own powerhouse roster. This day is all about diversity, showcasing a range of genres and artists that keep the energy pulsating through the festival grounds. Without a doubt, the highlight of Day 2 is Imagine Dragons, a band you wouldn’t normally expect at Untold. Also featured on Day 2 are Alesso, Justin Jesso, Olly Murs, and Tujamo.

Day 3: The Party Continues

By Day 3, you’re fully immersed in the Untold experience, and the lineup reflects that festival high. The roster boasts artists who are masters at whipping crowds into a frenzy, ensuring the Untold spirit remains unbroken. Come on Day 3 to check out Martin Garrix, Eric Pyroz, B Jones, French Montana, Thievery Corporation, and Zhu.

Day 4: The Grand Finale

As the festival gears up for its final act, the lineup doesn’t disappoint. The last day is a perfect mix of festival closers and adrenaline-pumping performances that ensure the festival ends on a high note. It’s a sweet farewell that leaves you craving more. Day 4 features David Guetta, Armin Van Buuren, Ferg, Years & Yers, and Fedde Le Grand.

Remember, the Untold Festival isn’t just about the big names. It’s also a platform for upcoming artists, local talent, and diverse genres. This lineup is by no means exhaustive, in fact, these are just the artists on the main stage! So, make sure to explore all the other stages as well. You never know, you might just stumble upon your new favorite artist! Untold 2023, here we come!

Festival with many lights and concert goers.

Tips and Tricks to Navigate Untold like a Pro

Last but not least, a few insider tips to help you make the most out of the Untold experience.

  1. Plan your festival schedule, but leave some room for spontaneity. The beauty of Untold lies in its unexpected moments.
  2. Be open to new music. Try to catch some local Romanian artists; you never know, you might just find your new favorite band.
  3. Explore local cuisine. Trust us, your taste buds will thank you!
  4. Respect the city and its residents. Remember, you’re a guest here. Party hard but party responsibly.
  5. Lastly, be open to making new friends. Untold isn’t just about the music, it’s about the connections you make.

And there you have it, folks! Your ultimate guide to the Untold Festival in Romania. All that’s left now is for you to take the plunge and join the party. Untold Cluj Napoca awaits you with open arms and heart-thumping beats. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get this party started!

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